Repairs & Service

Inspection, Repairs & Service for all Marine Trailers

Take advantage of this offer to join our Annual service programme. It’s simple and free to join, You’ll receive priority on all your future repairs plus a 10% discount on additional servicing, parts and accessories.

Boeing Trailers Annual Service Membership

It’s simple to join, and best of all it’s free!

Marine trailers are exposed to the harshest conditions and will fail if not properly maintained. Like anything mechanical, your trailer needs an annual service to maintain its condition and provide trouble free operation.

Our members Annual Service Program includes:

You’ll also receive priority on any repairs and a 10% discount on any additional work carried out on your trailer. We’ll even let you know when your service is due.

Contact us and join the program now, it’s free. No nasty surprises!

If any parts or additional repairs are required we’ll provide you with a quote before commencing any work.